Country: Ukraine, 2017
Length: 105 min
Genre: Drama
Director: Marina Stepanska
Cast: Andriy Seletskiy, Dasha Plahtiy, Oleg Mosiychuk

Falling is a story about the post-revolutionary generation of young Ukrainian people looking for their place in a modern Ukraine. It follows two bewildered people who meet at a crucial moment of their existence and experience few days of happiness together. The story set exactly one year after Maidan and expresses feelings of generation which have no idea who they are anymore or what their identity is, so the only way is to be right here, right now. Anton, a grown-up prodigy composer who couldn’t handle his obsession with music, returns to Ukraine after a long drug and alcohol addiction treatment. The country is in a state of undeclared war, society seeks heroes. Katia, an ordinary girl living on the outskirts of Kyiv, is planning to leave to Berlin with her boyfriend, a German photographer. An unexpected encounter between Katia and Anton changes everything.