Country: Ukraine
Length: 18 min.
Genre: drama
Director: Aksinia Kurina
Cast: Viktor Marvin, Valentyn Bojko
Scriptwriter: Marysia Nikityuk
Producer: Volodymyr Tykhyy, Denis Ivanov, Yana Semernya
Director of photography: Yury Dunay

“Gaudi” depicts the life of two Kyiv architect students. One of them, Viktor, loves Barcelona and Gaudi’s masterpieces. Viktor wants to receive a grant to study in Barcelona. He is waiting for the response from the Spanish University. Kyiv drives him mad. He and his friend Sasha are trying to find a job, because his girlfriend has to do an abortion. He asks his sick mother, who is in the hospital and needs help herself, to borrow him money. In drunken and affective state Viktor and his friend kill a policeman. Next morning Viktor’s girlfriend brings him two pieces of news that will define the young man’s future.